Quick Tips

Quick Tips

Statin Therapy Measures Tip Sheet

2021 BACO - Statin Therapy Tip Sheet_Jan2021(pdf) covers the following topics:

  • Statin Therapy for Pts with Diabetes (SPD)
  • Statin Therapy for Pts with Cardiovascular Disease (SPC)
  • Statin Use for Pts with Diabetes (SUPD)
  • Codes to submit for Statin Intolerance
  • How to Improve Statin Compliance
  • What to do if Cash Claim is supected or identified

 Diabetes Retinal Eye Exam Tip Sheet

 2020 DM Retinal Eye Exam Tip Sheet (pdf) covers the following topics:

  • Fast facts to assist in reading a diabetic retinal eye exam results
  • Stages of retinopathy
  • Retinal eye exam documentation requirements


CMS-Voluntary Alignment

Voluntary Alignment is the process where Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries select, or “voluntarily align” with a primary clinician. Beginning in June 2017, beneficiaries can select their primary clinician on MyMedicare.gov. CMS believes voluntary alignment will strengthen beneficiaries’ engagement in their health care. CMS will use beneficiaries’ selections to hold ACOs responsible for the quality of beneficiaries’ care and overall medical costs. Please share the Beneficiary Fact Sheet with your Medicare –fee –for –service patients. Learn more.

MSSP 2020 Quality/Utilization Measures

Enclosed you will find the 2019 Quality, Utilization and CAPHS measures. Utilization measures continue to be areas for improvement. These measures include: all condition readmissions, all cause unplanned admissions for patients with multiple chronic conditions and ambulatory sensitive conditions. Preventive measures such as Mammography, Colorectal Cancer screening and Influenza Immunization are additional opportunities for improvement. Lastly, for the at risk population, Blood pressure and HbA1c control need attention. Please monitor the completion and documentation of these measures as appropriate for your patients. Shared savings for the Beaumont ACO depend on Quality outcomes scores. .... 2020 Quality Measures for Physicians

MSSP and the Quality Payment Program (QPP)/ MACRA for Performance in Year 2017 affecting Payment in 2019

With 2017 being the first year of MACRA, many physician practices have questions. If you are participating in the Oakwood ACO MSSP program please read this attachment for answers to your questions. If you are not a participant of the Oakwood ACO MSSP program please go to the QPP.CMS.GOV for information.... Learn More

MSSP & AIM (Advanced Illness Management) Staff Change

Donna Mimikos RN, MBA, CCM has assumed the role of Director, Care Coordination. She will oversee the care coordinators for the MSSP and AIM team. These teams of care coordinators work with MSSP Beneficiaries. Their focus is with individuals who need guidance and support for complex medical issues that may be compounded by social, economic and or behavioral factors. To refer a beneficiary that may need their guidance please contact Donna Mimikos through email: donna.mimikos@beaumont.org, or  phone 947-522-0026.

COLOGUARD Is Now Covered By Medicare

Cologuard is intended for the qualitative detection of colorectal neoplasia associated DNA markers and for the presence of occult hemoglobin in human stool. A positive result may indicate the presence of colorectal cancer or advanced adenoma and should be followed by diagnostic colonoscopy. Cologuard is indicated to screen adults and is not a replacement for diagnostic colonoscopy or surveillance colonoscopy in high risk individuals. Our ACO
Colorectal Cancer Screening Quality measures for MSSP and Blue Cross need improvement. Please consider this option for your patients. Cologuard order form.pdf

Beaumont ACO MSSP Contacts

Lisa Burry RN, BSN, Program Coordinator,
email: lisa.burry@beaumont.org,
phone 947-522-0006.

Donna Mimikos RN, MBA, CCM, Director, Care Coordination,
email: donna.mimikos@beaumont.org,
phone 947-522-0026.

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  • National Quality Forum (NQF)
  • Michigan Quality Improvement
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