Beaumont ACO and CareSignal’s Partnership


Dear Beaumont ACO Physician,

Beaumont ACO has partnered with CareSignal to launch a deviceless remote patient monitoring service. The CareSignal program sends condition-specific text messages or automated phone calls to Beaumont ACO’s Medicare patients and monitors their health virtually.

The program works by sending automated text messages or automated phone calls weekly to inquire about symptoms related to the patient’s specific chronic condition(s). These messages collect patient’s self-reported information, and alert Beaumont ACO care team members to intervene if a patient's acute symptoms worsen or if their condition worsens over time. 

Patients can send in self-reported data regarding their symptoms for the following conditions:

• Heart Failure
• Diabetes
• Hypertension 

This program is offered to patients at no extra cost to them. Your office may receive a call from your patients about CareSignal in the next few weeks; if you do- To refer a patient for CareSignal enrollment, please ask patients to call:(877) 969-4220

Patients are more likely to enroll if their providers & office staff can answer questions about CareSignal. If you have any questions, visit this link for more information.


Your Beaumont ACO Leadership Team

Please see CareSignal documents for more information:
   - CareSignal Remote Patient Monitoring Tool(pdf)
   - Beaumont ACO Expanding Patient Outreach with CareSignal (pdf) 
   - CareSignal Card for Patient Calls (pdf)
   - Link to CareSignal Patient Engagement Reports (Secure Portal Link) 

For More Information: 313-682-9075

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