Beaumont ACO and CareSignal’s Partnership

Beaumont ACO has partnered with CareSignal to utilize their remote patient monitoring tool, which sends text messages or automated phone calls to patients on behalf of Beaumont ACO.

These messages collect patient reported information, and alert Beaumont ACO care team members to intervene if a patient’s condition worsens.

CareSignal helps Beaumont ACO stay connected to patients in-between
scheduled appointments by monitoring patient reported data.

  • Sends patients automated text messages or calls
  • Records condition-specific, patient-reported data
  • Sends actionable alerts to the Beaumont ACO care team if conditions worsen
  • Helps prevent potential ED visits and exacerbations


Benefits of CareSignal for Patients 

  • A way to keep connected to the Beaumont ACO team between doctor visits
  • Responses update patient’s electronic chart
  • Electronic chart is accessible by Beaumont ACO care

Beaumont ACO Patient Programs

  • COPD
    • Tracks breathing trends for COPD patients
    • Identifies patients in early exacerbation to prevent hospitalizations
  • Dialysis (ESRD)
    • Treatment reminders
    • Tracks fluid retention, swelling, shortness of breath
  • Diabetes
    • Logs blood sugar levels
  • HeartFailure
    • Tracks symptoms associated with heart health problems
    • Can help prevent readmission long term
  • Hypertension
    • Tracks blood pressure

Please see CareSignal documents for more information:
   - CareSignal Remote Patient Monitoring Tool(pdf)
   - Beaumont ACO Expanding Patient Outreach with CareSignal (pdf)

For More Information: 313-682-9075

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