How to Join

How to Join

The Beaumont ACO is a limited liability corporation that is governed by a physician focused Board of Managers. Thirteen of the fifteen managers (87%) are physicians, with over 67% representing primary care. The ACO offers participation in several Value-Based programs like Medicare Shared Savings Program with CMS and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s PGIP program. Additionally, the ACO offers the ability to contract with all major health plans in Southeast Michigan. The Beaumont ACO was founded on 3 guiding principles

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Physician Leadership

The Beaumont ACO is 100% transparent in all of its activities, especially the business decisions regarding potential savings and pay for performance distributions. The ACO was built on these principles and is committed to continuing to operate under this model. Below is information about participating in the ACO:

To join, please email to get your enrollment started today!

For questions on participation with the Beaumont ACO, Please contact:

Steve Pereny
Director of Provider and Payer Relations

Christina Anglin
Provider Relations Representative Sr. 

Natasha Desharnais
Marketing Liaison

Richard Hillbom
Marketing Liaison

Cheyann Vandyke
Provider Relations Representative

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