Resource Stewardship Initiative (RSI) 

The Resource Stewardship Initiative (RSI) was created by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) to encourage physicians to improve health care decision making when using medical services, tests and procedures identified as areas of over-utilization.

There are 16 Measures in this initiative. 2 to 4 initiatives may be selected for each year.

  • Vitamin D testing
  • Imaging in Syncope
  • Uncomplicated Headache

In 2018, BCBCM is requiring improvement in each measure to be awarded an incentive. Currently, the Beaumont ACO does not show improvement for these selected measures.

The goals for the Beaumont ACO:

  • Heighten awareness and increase PO and physician involvement
  • Encourage discussions at the PO, physician and patient level on appropriate and necessary health care
  • Decrease and reduce variation in the use of potentially overused/unnecessary services
  • Assist in reducing costs by decreasing and or eliminating overused/unnecessary services
  • Increase awareness of evidenced-based health care services
  • Provide performance and improvement measurement data to PO’s and physicians
  • Promote appropriate behavior change
  • Evaluate the effects of interventions and incentives on performance

As an additional resource for physicians and patients see:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:
Dr. Halima Ali
Chairperson, Beaumont ACO Quality and Utilization Committee

Lisa Burry
Quality manager Beaumont ACO Phone:947-522-0006



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