ACO Newsletters

ACO Newsletters

November 2020

The Beaumont ACO Board of Managers has decided to postpone the annual business meeting and election of new board members normally held in January each year until later in the spring or early summer for 2021. The board also requested that the current board membership would stay intact until such time that in-person elections can safely be held to replace outgoing board members. Read more Vol.2, Issue 4 November 2020

  • Message from the CEO - Beaumont ACO Annual Meeting
  • Quality Corner - MSSP Quality/Utilization Metrics ACO 8, 38, 43
  • New Contract Offering – BCBSM Blueprint to Affordability 2021 Start Date
  • Contract Change - Humana Participation now through Beaumont Care Partners
  • Telehealth Medicine Update
  • Beaumont ACO 2020 Patient Centered Medical Home Results
  • Physician Spotlight: Dr. John Paquet, Dr. Ashok Jain, Dr. Bindu Suresh, Dr.Lalitha Bhogineni and Dr. Sumitra Raam
  • Practice Spotlight:  Beaumont Healthcare Center – Newport

September 2020 

We are pleased to announce that CMS has heard the cries of ACOs across the county and will be implementing changes to their Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more Vol.2, Issue 3 September 2020

April 2020 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Michigan on March 10, our first goal at the Beaumont ACO has been to keep you safe and healthy and able to continue to assist and educate our patients on staying safe and healthy. Read More about avialable KN95 masks, third-party policy changes regarding telehealth, and current updates for COVID-19 treatment. Vol. 2, Issue 2 - April 2020

February 2020

The Beaumont ACO concluded its 2020 annual meeting of the members last month at the Detroit Athletic Club. We are pleased to announce that 128 members attended the event and participated in our annual election process. The Beaumont ACO had its best year yet in terms of member growth, increase in covered lives and incentive dollars earned and shared with our members. Please read more in the Beaumont ACO Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 1.

 October 2019

 Once again the Beaumont ACO is the top MSSP ACO in Michigan and ranks among the nation’s best! Through our physician/health system partnership, we were able to create over $45 million in shared savings for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2018, of which the Beaumont ACO gets to share in $19.8 million.  Please read Vol. 1, Issue 5 for more updates and success of the Beaumont ACO.  

 July 2019

Beaumont ACO has entered into a new contract with CMS for the Medicare Shared Savings Program, effective July 1, 2019. The ACO has selected the Enhanced Track, and the contract will be effective for five and a half years, ending December 31, 2024.  Please read Vol. 1, Issue 4 for updates and success of the Beaumont ACO.

 MAY 2019

The Beaumont ACO, working on behalf of our members, was able to secure a new HAP contract effective May 1, 2019. This new contract will offer providers the opportunity to access market best fee-for-service rates on HAP’s commercial HMO and PPO lines of business. This represents a 15% increase on HMO business and a 30% increase on PPO business. The contract also offers providers access to a pay-for-value program that rewards physicians based on performance in quality and utilization metrics.  Please read Vol. 1, Issue 3 for updates and success of the Beaumont ACO.

March 2019

On behalf of the Beaumont ACO board, I want to thank all of you for your continued efforts to making the Beaumont ACO one of the best in the country. Your commitment to quality and efficient health care remains our foundation for success.

We want to expand our success to the entire Beaumont Health network of physicians and, to do that, we have added two extremely talented and knowledgeable physician executive leaders to help with this strategic priority.  Please read Vol. 1, Issue 2 for updates and success of the Beaumont ACO.


January 2019

In looking forward to 2019, the Beaumont ACO is going to continue to pursue the highest quality of patient care possible as well as growing into markets that will benefit from our success. We will be making it easier for physicians to sign up for all our contracts as well as help newly signed physicians utilize best practices that we have gathered over the years to help their practices achieve the success that we have had. Please read Vol.1 Issue 1 for updates and success of the Beaumont ACO.

 October 2018

Beaumont ACO PCP Fee Value-Based Reimbursement Exceed $1.4M
The Beaumont ACO has again excelled in the BCBSM Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Program with 87 physicians receiving PCMH designation this year. Overall 113 physicians from 36 practices were nominated for PCMH designation.... Read More

September 2018

For the fifth year in a row, the Beaumont ACO exceeded performance goals and helped save Medicare more than $22.4 million by improving care and implementing best practices and cost savings measures for its more than 13,400 Medicare patients. This ranks us 7th nationally among all ACOs in terms of % savings per beneficiary per year, and 1st in the state of Michigan. In 5 years of participation in the program the ACO has created savings for Medicare totaling $88 million.... Read More

April 2018

To impact the current opioid epidemic in our state, Michigan lawmakers have passed several new laws addressing the prescribing of opioids and other controlled substance. Summary of 2018 Prescribing Legislation … Read More

March 2018

The board of directors want to personally invite each private practice physician on the medical staff of one of the eight Beaumont Health hospitals to join our organization and begin to enjoy the fruits of our success. We
have much to offer and some of the benefits are identified throughout this newsletter. Read More

November 2017

For the fourth year in a row, the Oakwood ACO exceeded performance goals and helped save Medicare more than $14 million by improving care and implementing best practices and cost savings measures for its more than 13,000 Medicare patients. The ACO has been among the top 10% of ACOs nationwide, in terms of % savings, for all 4 performance years, saving Medicare a total nearing $66 million .... Read More

October 2016

 For the third year in a row, the Oakwood ACO exceeded performance goals and helped save Medicare more than $15 million by improving care and implementing best practices and cost savings measures for its more than 13,000 Medicare patients. .... Read More

February 2016

Over 150 Oakwood ACO members attended the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Members. Dr. Abdallah, Chairman of the Board, and Dr. Shah, Vice Chairman, provided an over-view of the achievements of Oakwood ACO during 2015. Board member elections were also held and results were announced (see page 2). .... Read More

January 2016

As we move into 2016, we are currently working with our Beaumont Health partners to continue striving toward quality care for our population and making our patients completely satisfied and happy with our care as well as utilizing our resources efficiently. A lot has changed for the better since 2010 (the year of the Oakwood ACO creation) and we look forward to additional enhancements into the future. .... Read More

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